Flame Retardants


Novaflam APC

Novaflam APC is a melamine coated ammonium polyphosphate grade flame retardant used in combination with binders or in composites. Extremely low water solubility (<0.05 g/100ml)

Novaflam APP

Novaflam APP is an ammonium polyphosphate crystalline phase II grade flame retardant with a fine particle size. Used in combination with binders or in composites. Ver low water solubility (<0.5g/100ml)

Novaflam APP liq

Novaflam APP liq is a very efficient water based flame retardant. Can be used on its own or in combination with binders on all kind of fabrics. 

Novaflam FR1

Novaflam FR1 is a very effective flame retardant for textile, paper and coating applications. The finish is durable for dry cleaning but not for normal washing. Very smooth handle on cellulosic fabrics. 

Novaflam PS

Novaflam PS is a very efficient cyclic phosphonate based flame retardant for polyester and polyamide fabrics. Applied by padding followed by thermofixation. 

Novaflam RPD

Novaflam RPD can be used as alternative to bromide and antimony based flame retardants.

Novaflam TEP

Novaflam TEP is a flame retardant for flexible Polyester foam. 

Novaflam ATH

Novaflam ATH can be used for glass fibre non-woven, and textiles.