Novafuse RE

Novafuse RE is a wetting and flow agent in dry bright emulsions and polishes

Novaspers CW40

Novaspers CW40 is a high hardness and suburb gloss

Novaspers CWP40

Novaspers CWP40 has excellent buffability and is cost-effective

Novaspers XAS

Novaspers XAS is a very elastic wax for the most effective anti-slip

Novaspers EA36

Novaspers EA36 is a high-gloss, anti-slip additive.

Novaspers BHE30

Novaspers BHE30 offers repolishability.

Novaspers HD24

Novaspers HD24 is an excellent resistance against rubber marking.

Novaspers PP40

Novaspers PP40 is a long lasting anti-slip additive.