Textiles & Leathers


Novaspers HDC42

Novaspers HDC42 improves gloss and offers surface protection.

Novaspers EM

Novaspers EM provides softener and sew-ability improvement. Extremely shear stable. 

Novaspers HDC

Novaspers HDC provides abrasion resistance. Crosslinked for improved water resistance.

Novaspers LD7

Novaspers LD7 softener and sew-ability improvement of textiles and fibres. 

Novaspers CPE

Novaspers CPE is a cationic softener. Provides very smooth, soft and full handle. 

Novatect KP3

Novatect KP3 is a cationic zirconium-paraffin emulsion for excellent hydrophobicity. 

Novatect FF495

Novatect FF495 is a crosslinked paraffin emulsion for excellent hydrophobicity. 

Novaspers MDS

Novaspers MDS provides a matt coating with a very soft handle. 

Novaspers PP40

Novaspers PP40 provides anti-slip, gloss, surface protection.