C5 & C9 Copolymer Hydrocarbon Resin


Bitoner Resin TR-110

Bitoner Resin TR-110 is a light colour aliphatically modified C9 petroleum resin. It is characterised by low VOC and has good compatibility with various polymers.

Bitoner Resin C-2120

Bitoner C-2120 is thermoplastic, low molecular weight, light yellow aromatically modified C5 resin. It is characterised by colour 3#-4#, outstanding heat stability and good compatibility with SIS, SBS, NR and other polymers. It has excellent tack, adhesive and cohesive properties.

Bitoner C-2130

Bitoner C-2130 is a narrow molecular weight C9 modified C5 resin with high level of C9 content. With excellent compatibility with EVA, natural rubber and most synthetic rubbers and other polymers. 

Bitoner C-2125

Bitoner C-2125 is a slightly yellow colour aromatically modified C5 aliphatic resin with low molecular weight and narrow Pd. It is characterised by good compatibility with SIS, NR, EVA and other polymers.

Bitoner TR-2080

Bitoner TR-2080 is aliphatic and aromatic copolymer resin characterised by light colour, very low smell, excellent heat resistance, low cloud point.

Bitoner Resin TR-100

Bitoner TR-100 is an aliphatic modified C9 resin.