Allinova Supplier Profile

Founded in 2005, Allinova produces flame retardants, crosslinkers, polymer dispersions and wax emulsions for a broad range of industries including non-woven, paper, textile, wood and coatings. Allinova prides itself on the production of these high-quality products, its innovative research and development and effective supply chain management.

Based in the Netherlands, Allinova has a global network of distributors, and Devine Chemicals their sole UK distributor.


Wax Emulsions

Allinova offers a full range of wax emulsions that are based on a variety of waxes like LDPE, HDPE, primary PE, Maleic grafted PP, Paraffin, Bees, Carnauba. These waxes are suitable for the following applications:

  • Coatings, paints and inks
  • Metals
  • Paper
  • Polishes
  • Textile and leather
  • Wood, chip- and fibreboard

 Flame Retardants

Allinova offers a full range of flame retardants that function via different mechanisms. Its mineral based products can be used as functional additive in binder systems or on their own, while the organophosphorus compounds have a more reactive working mechanism, which results in a durable and permanent effect.


Crosslinkers can be used in a wide variety of applications where the main purpose is enhancement of coating properties like (wet) durability, tear strength, fastness, hydrophobicity and rub or abrasion resistance.

Polymer Dispersions

Allinova’s polymer dispersions can achieve very high solid contents, up to 45%, in combination with a variety of different polymers and functionalities.

Coatings of these polymer dispersions can be used as water, grease, or fat barriers on paper, heat seal coatings on films and aluminium foil or as a binder or functional additive in aqueous formulations as adhesion promotors.

Devine Chemicals has extensive experience with Allinova products and can supply the full range. With over 30 years’ experience, our team of experts can provide technical advice and supply the products in bulk or smaller amounts if required.

To discuss your specific requirements or request a sample call us on 01207 580 101 or email

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