Leading Speciality Chemicals Company Launches New Pigment Range

We are delighted to announce the launch of DeLOUR, our first range of pigments which will further strengthen our diverse portfolio and help to cement our position as a leader in the speciality chemicals market.

The DeLOUR pigments are a range of phthalocyanines available in blue and green and are appropriate for both water-based and solvent-based applications. Tailormade for the coatings, inks and plastics markets, the pigments have been optimised to give UV stability, solvent fastness, light fastness and chemical resistance.

We offer a range of products for the coatings, inks and plastics markets including our own range of DeCAL grades which comprise a wide range of thickeners, dispersing agents and defoamers for aqueous and non-aqueous systems, as well as acrylic polymers for inks and coatings and associated auxiliary chemicals.  We also offers our own range of Titanium Dioxide, DeTOX that is available in chloride, sulphate and anatase grades.

Dan Devine, commercial director at Devine Chemicals, said “The launch of the DeLOUR pigment range is an important milestone for Devine Chemicals as we remain focused on strengthening our product portfolio through extensive research and development, anticipating changes in the market and delivering the right solutions for our customers.

“We had identified a gap in the market and an opportunity to strengthen our portfolio and after vigorous testing we are thrilled to be able to offer our customers the new DeLOUR range. This product range is another example of how our business is committed to serving the coatings, inks and plastics markets.”

Devine Chemicals has over 30 years’ experience in supplying speciality chemicals internationally and for use in many sectors, including building and construction, coatings, adhesives, textiles, agrochemicals, paint, plastics, rubber and homecare.

We offer a trusted and personal service with full technical support and a comprehensive after-sales service, supported by the team’s in-depth knowledge of speciality chemicals and their applications. For further information, contact our sales team at hello@devinechemicals.co.uk.

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