1000 Series - Universal Dispersing

The Afcona 1000 series is a range of universal dispersing resins that are compatible with most resin systems.


Afcona 1101

A universal dispersing resin for the preparation of pigment concentrates, Afcona 1101 must be combined with a high molecular weight dispersant from the Afcona 4000 Series or Afcona 5280. It is compatible with most resin systems, including polyurethane, alkyd melamine, acrylic melamine, polyester melamine (butylated and HMMM grade), acid curing etc.

Afcona 1102 Universal Dispersing Resin

Afcona 1102 is a lower price point version of Afcona 1101. It gives lower viscosity reduction in pigment concentrates, but has better compatibility, especially in TPA and epoxy systems.

Contains primary OH-groups which can react in PU and baking paints. Afcona 1102 will not therefore act like a heard resin or plasticiser.