4000 Series - High Molecular Weight

The Afcona 4000 Series is a range of high molecular weight dispersants.


Afcona 4000

A modified high molecular weight dispersant for deflocculation of all kinds of pigments.

Afcona 4001

A modified high molecular weight dispersant for deflocculation of all kinds of pigments. Recommended for carbon black dispersions and gives good blue undertone.

Afcona 4011

Afcona 4011 is a polymeric dispersant principally developed for stabilising inorganic pigments like TiO2, iron oxides and matting agents. It can be used in almost all solvent-based coating systems where it gives free flow viscosity with no settling issues.

Afcona 4015

A modified polymeric dispersant suitable for use as a co-grinding aid for solvent-based systems. Recommended for high polar systems like polyurethanes, epoxy NC and acid curing.

Afcona 4017

Afcona 4017 is a polymeric dispersant for co-grinding of coil and can coatings, polyesters and acrylics. It performs well in almost all systems, especially for dark coloured co-grindings.

Afcona 4063

An effective polymeric dispersant for stabilising inorganic and organic pigments as well as carbon blacks.  It has very good stability performance through effective steric hindrance on all types of pigments. Afcona 4063 is suitable for all pigments and all resin systems, except air dry alkyd.

Afcona 4067

Afcona 4067 is a BTX free version of a high molecular weight dispersing agent, which is very effective in inorganic and organic pigments and carbon black dispersion. It has a low cloud point and good stability that leads to better transparency and deflocculating performance.

Afcona 4200

A polyurethane dispersant supplied in 100% active form. Afcona 4200 is almost solvent free, so is recommended for solvent free systems where conventional wetting and dispersing agents cannot perform with organic pigments and carbon blacks. It is also suitable for high solid coatings like PU and UV. The unique structure gives very good compatibility in systems where normal dispersants fail, like TPA and CAB.

Afcona 4201

A highly compatible, high molecular weight dispersant for difficult systems such as TPA. Its longer polymer chain provides better steric hindrance, and as a result it performs stronger in pigment stability, colour and gloss developments. Afcona 4201 has high tinting strength, cleaner colour and is nearly solvent-free.

Afcona 4204

Afcona 4202 is a very compatible polymeric dispersant. It is compatible with most resin systems, ranging from alkyd to NC, CAB, epoxy and thermoplastic acrylic. It gives good viscosity and easy incorporation, especially in NC systems.

Afcona 4474

Afcona 4474 is a very strong BTX free dispersant especially for TiO2 dispersion in oil free polyester/melamine systems. In coil and can coating applications, the use of Afcona 4474 in TiO2 dispersions will increase the whiteness as well as the hiding power of the coating, and lower the system viscosity to achieve higher pigment loading. Afcona 4474 is also very suitable for UPE and epoxy systems sue to the acid functional pigment affinity group.