Coatings, Paints & Inks


Innospers CWF

A non-ionic Carnauba wax emulsion developed as a slip additive for coating applications. Innospers CWF is used as a slip modifier and anti-blocking agent for coatings, especially for heat-sealable coatings on film.

Basis Carnauba
Solids content 30%
Appearance Beige liquid
Features Slip modifier and anti-blocking agent
Bio based content 100%

Novaspers AD42

Basis Features
HDPE wax dispersion (N) Scratch-, rub-& abrasion resistance.

Novaspers AD44

An acidic, non-ionic wax emulsion, based on extremely hard HDPE wax. Novaspers AD44 is designed to improve the surface protection of aqueous printing inks, and decorative and wood coatings.

Basis HDPE wax emulsion
Solids content 45%
Appearance White liquid
Features Scratch and abrasion resistance, especially in acrylic coating systems.

Novaspers HD16

A non-ionic wax emulsion based on an extremely hard HDPE wax. Novaspers HD16 is used in water-based coatings, floor polishes and ink formulations.

Basis HDPE wax emulsion
Solids content 35%
Appearance Yellowish liquid
Features Scuff resistance, anti-blocking properties and good light fastness


Novaspers P50

Basis Features
Paraffin emulsion (N) Temporary water repellency. Anti-blocking.

Novatect AF35

An anionic wax emulsion based on fully refined paraffin and PE. Novatect AF35 can be used as an additive in water-based coating formulations to further enhance the hydrophobicity, or as a water repellent on lacquered metal surfaces.

Basis Paraffin emulsion
Solids content 35%
Appearance Off-white liquid
Features Water repellence