Release Agents


Novaspers HD80

Basis Features
HDPE (N) Internal release agent for MDF & OSB board.

Novaspers LDC37

A modified polyethylene wax emulsion, emulsified with a non-ionic emulsifier. Novaspers LDC37 is designed to enhance release in a number of applications like paper, board and wood-based panels, as well as for metal die-casting.

Wax type LDPE
Ionic character Non-ionic
Solids content 37%

Novaspers PE01

A primary anionic / non-ionic emulsion based on ethylene copolymers and waxes. It suitable for a range of applications including acting as a die release agent for metal castings or plastic mouldings, an anti-block preparation for under water granulation of tacky polymers and an additive for coatings and inks.

Basis Primary PE (A/N)
Features Die release agent for metal casting

Novaspers PE04

Basis Features
Primary PE (A/N) Formulated Primary PE for metal die-casting.