DeSPERSE - Liquid Ti02

Devine Chemicals is proud to introduce DeSPERSE Liquid TiO2, our new range of TiO2 dispersions.

To assist with new classifications of TiO2 white pigment powder form which are due to come into effect from October 2021, Devine Chemicals now offers high-quality grades of TiO2 pigment in white liquid form to give businesses the option of continuing to use the pigment in a significantly less inhalable form. Our new Titanium Dioxide liquid grades enables a wider variety of products to choose from to optimise systems and supports our commitment to deliver differentiated, high-performance products.

Our DeSPERSE Liquid TiO2 has the same benefits as the powder form including exceptional opacity and whiteness, high durability, outstanding weather resistance, strong tinting strength and high covering power.

These Titanium Dioxide liquid grades are suitable for a range of applications including:

  • Paints
  • Plastics
  • Inks
  • Paper
  • Coatings

We have fully dispersed the TiO2 pigment into different systems to suit all needs, including:

  • Water-based Acrylic Dispersion
  • Water-based Surfactant (Resin Free) Dispersion
  • Low Concentration Water-based Dispersion for Tint Machines
  • Universal Solvent-based Dispersion
  • 100% UV Monomer Dispersion

Our DeSPERSE Liquid TiO2 is formulated on our pigment and additives ranges:

  • DeTOX R-SCI – Titanium Dioxide (TiO2)
  • DeCAL Additives – for water-based systems

We are a leading speciality chemicals and global distributor based in the UK.  We offer a trusted and personal service with full technical support and a comprehensive after-sales service, supported by our in-depth knowledge of speciality applications and their applications.

Get in touch with our team of specialists to discuss our new range of TiO2 dispersions or request a sample here.