MecoFast B-29 Powder Metal Complex Dyes


MecoFast B-29 Powder Metal Complex Dyes

MECOFAST™ B-29 is a high quality powdered dye that delivers a vibrant deep black colour and excellent light fastness.

MECOFAST™ B-29 is just one of the high performance formulations we offer for use in digital printing, alongside specialty photochromic pigments, glow in the dark materials, dispersants, over print varnishes, UV stabilisers and organic pigments.


MECOFAST™ B-29 is predominantly used in continuous industrial inkjet printing and and is suitable for printing onto plastics and other substrates for packaging.

It can also be used in other applications including:

  • Wood stains
  • Leather top-coating
  • Alcohol based ink for marker pens
  • Coloured lacquer
  • Hot stamping foils


  • Vibrant deep black colour
  • Wide solubility in alcohol and MEK
  • High purity
  • Superb light fastness
  • High compatibility with solvents, resins and additives

Product specification

Chemical composition: Solvent Black 29

Moisture: Less than 3%

Appearance: Fine black powder

Purity: 99% up

Light fastness: 6 – 7

Solubility (gm/l): Ethyl Alcohol: 300 gm/l, MEK: 300 gm/l

5% MEK conductivity: 1500 ± 100

Filtration speed:

5% MEK: 200 gm by 1.2 micron PTFE

Filter membrane under vacuum suction : <75 seconds

5% Ethyl alcohol 200 gm by 1.2 micron PTFE
Filter membrane under vacuum suction: <75 seconds

Storage and Transportation

Keep out of direct sunlight and away from moisture and high temperatures.