AptiCem Blokmix Plus

AptiCem Blokmix Plus is a precast block water inducing processing aid that contains a reactive component which imparts high levels of water repellence in the finished products. The blend of compaction aids and water inducers allows additional water to be added to the concrete without having an adverse effect on mix consistency, whilst improving dispersion of pigments providing more intense colouration.


AptiCem Blokmix Plus is used to improve compaction and handling of all dry/semi-dry concrete processes for:

  • Blocks
  • Paving flags
  • Block paviours
  • Other concrete products


  • A precast block water inducing processing aid
  • Increases water demand by up to 25% whilst maintaining consistency of the finished product
  • Eliminates the effect of extra water allowing production to continue, saving downtime costs and loss of over-wet concrete
  • Allows the use of saturated sands and aggregates to be used