AptiLith P – a cost effective lithium carbonate replacement

AptiLith P is a novel cost effective 100% active additive blend which boosts the hydration of cement. It provides fast set times and high early strengths in ternary binder systems based on Portland cement combined with either HAC or CSA cements.

AptiLith P offers a modern alternative to the use of high alkali salts such as Lithium and is suitable for use in cold weather applications where other Lithium Carbonate replacements have been ineffective.


AptiLith P has been developed for fast setting cementitious systems where rapid fixing and laying is essential, such as:

  • Fast setting cementitious products
  • Tile adhesives and grouts
  • Self-levelling floor screeds
  • Concrete repair systems


  • A multifunctional accelerator for ternary systems
  • It dramatically accelerates setting times and increases early strengths
  • Highly effective at a wide range of temperatures
  • Compatible with additives used in dry mortar formulations
  • Reduces the occurrence of hydration balls which can produce surface imperfections