DeCAL 1035 Thickener and Rheological Control Agent

DeCAL 1035 is an acrylic copolymer emulsion in water. The polymer provides the rheological control effect through extensive swelling of the high molecular weight polymer in alkaline conditions, in the presence of water.


DeCAL 1035 is an ideal rheological control additive for use in water-borne coatings, adhesives and paints. DeCAL 1035 allows formulation of systems with an advantageous thixotropic behaviour giving non stringy formulations easily applied over a wide range of speeds and or processes. Such formulations are also ideally suited for airless spray applications. DeCAL 1035 is optimally effective in the pH range 7.5 – 10.5.

Since DeCAL 1035 is a synthetically derived product it is less susceptible to microbiological attack than derivatives of cellulose. Consequently the paint formulator can substantially reduce the level of biocide leading to a broader area of application.

Rheological control additives should preferably be added at the final stage of coating manufacturing, not in the pigment grinding stage as unrecoverable damage to the thixotropic rheology can occur at high shear stress. DeCAL 1035 is convenient to add as a post additive in liquid form thereby, offering flexibility in viscosity adjustment from batch to batch.

Provided efficient mixing equipment is available DeCAL 1035 can be poured directly into the mix. However it is sometimes easier to add DeCAL 1035 by diluting it 1:1 or even 1:2 with water to avoid shocking the system.

Should at any time the pH of the final system fall below 7.5 then additional alkali, ammonium or other base is necessary to reactivate the thickening mechanism. Use of volatile alkali (e.g. ammonia) as neutralising agent improves the water resistance property of the dry film. The amount of DeCAL 1035 required for optimum performance should be determined in trials covering a concentration range.

Recommended addition level:  1.0 – 3.5% DeCAL 1035 based on total formulation.