DeCAL 2045+ – Concentrated Hydrophobic Dispersant for Aqueous Systems

DeCAL 2045+ is a concentrated hydrophobic dispersant used to disperse inorganic fillers and pigments in water borne systems. DeCAL 2045+ is developed with a high concentration and improved efficiency.


Decorative Paints and Coatings – 2045+ is an ideal dispersing agent for water borne high gloss coatings containing polypropylene glycol and other glycols used to promote wet edge time and film coalescence.

Adhesives and Latex Compounds – 2045+ is used to disperse fillers and pigments in many products such as water-based adhesives and glues, grouts and fillers.


  • Compared to DeCAL 2045, dosages can be reduced by up to 40% whilst still maintaining performance.
  • Can be used for reactive pigment grades.
  • Ideal for systems whereby improvements in water resistance, wet scrub resistance and blocking resistance is required.