DeCAL 20705 – Third Generation High Range Water Reducing Superplasticiser Powder

DeCAL 20705 is an extremely high efficiency anionic superplasticiser based on polycarboxylate technology. It is a high range water reducer with exceptional slump flow retention.


DeCAL 20705 is suitable for a variety of applications including mortars, concretes, self-levelling systems, adhesives and grouts. It has a very high deflocculating effect which allows it to maintain the dispersed state for longer periods as compared to conventional plasticisers.


  • Prevents bleeding/segregation
  • High early and final strength
  • Good compatibility
  • High water reduction
  • Enhanced flow
  • High flow retention without retardation
  • GGBS and Fly Ash compatible
  • Used for self-levelling and self-compacting concretes
  • Pre-cast concretes with low water/cement ratios