DeCAL 4201

DeCAL 4201 is an acrylic binder which exists as an alkali soluble carboxylated copolymer emulsion but can also be supplied in its neutralized varnish form as DeCAL 4202.

DeCAL 4201 tends to swell considerably in the early stages of neutralisation. As a result it is recommended that the product be prediluted to with water prior to any neutralisation and then left to stabilise for several hours afterwards before use. DeCAL 4202 is supplied pre-neutralised with the commonly used Monoethanolamine(MEA).


ideally suited for use in waterbased flexographic inks for paper and corrugated board.


  • Excellent machine stability/resolubility.
  • High viscosity/pH stability.
  • Possesses favourable viscosity/dilution curves.
  • Excellent pigment wetting characteristics.