DeCAL 5030 & 5032 – Foam Control Agents for Water-Based Systems

DeCAL 5030 and 5032 are designed to release bubbles and control foam generated in a wide range of aqueous systems containing surfactants.

They are blends of non-ionic surfactants and hydrophobes in a highly refined mineral oil with DeCAL 5032 containing a low level of silicone oil.


  • Water-based Paints – Aqueous paints have an inherent tendency to aerate and foam due to the presence of emulsifiers in resin binders. DeCAL 5030 and 5032 effectively combat air entrainment and foam by promoting bubble coalescence in the bulk and bubble breaking at the surface.  DeCAL 5030 and 5032 are designed for moderate to high PVC systems, matt and sheen paints.
  • Adhesives and Grouts – DeCAL 5032 is most effective in PV acetate-based adhesives/grouts. Acrylic based adhesives respond better to DeCAL 5030.
  • Carpet Backing and Paper Coating – DeCAL 5030 is recommended for anchor coats and primary backings for carpets. In paper coating, both are recommended for use in coating colours, with similar preferences to polymer binds as in paints.
  • Effluent Treatment – DeCAL 5032 is recommended for foam generated during sludge separation through centrifuge or belt presses.