DeCAL 9050

DeCAL 9050 is a screed additive combining next generation plasticiser technology with a unique pumping aid. DeCAL 9050 gives rapid drying times and high early strengths whilst allowing the screed to be pumped over long distances without a change in workability or consistency. Standard rapid drying screed additives under high internal pressures during pumping can cause issues with separation of the sand and aggregate, which results in a drop in strengths.

DeCAL 9050 prevents separation in the pipes and is not affected by latent plasticisation, maintaining the desired screed consistency after pumping. Latent plasticisation can cause an increase in workability, preventing the screed from being laid as it is too fluid. Use of DeCAL 9050 prevents this effect.

DeCAL 9050 has application in a wide range of screeds, including in underfloor heating, interior and external applications.


  • High early compressive and flexural strengths
  • Enhances drying times permits foot traffic after 24 hours
  • Allows pumping over long distances without change in workability and consistency