DeCAL 9800 – Water Retaining Polymer for Plant Cultivation

DeCAL 9800 is a synthetic water absorbing polymer designed to aid water management by improving the moisture retentive properties of all types of growing media. It is valuable in horticulture, arboriculture and agriculture.

When mixed with a growing medium, DeCAL 9800 can absorb large quantities of water. The water forms discrete gel particles in and around the root zone, from which the plants then extract water as required. As a result of improved water retention, drainage and evaporation losses are reduced, less watering is required, and optimum plant growth is achieved.

The use of DeCAL 9800 can reduce fertiliser losses caused by leaching and run-off.


  • Composts and other growing media – DeCAL 9800 is recommended for addition to all types of compost and other growing media used for seeds, plants, grow bags, hanging baskets and shrub planting etc.
  • Transplanting aid – DeCAL 9800 may be used when transplanting all types of trees, shrubs, field crops and ornamentals. It will reduce transplant shock and resultant growth check by maintaining water supply while new are roots are being established.
  • Field crops – Maintains water levels at critical stages of crop development.
  • Grass establishment – Maintains adequate water levels for seed imbibition and later development and reduces seed mortality several fold.
  • Plant propagation – A medium for seed germination and propagation of cuttings.
  • Plant transportation – Protects roots and maintains water supply to bare roots, whilst in transit.