We have added four new products to our DeCAL 9000 Series

We are delighted to announce that we have bolstered our DeCAL 9000 Series with the addition of two screed additives and two water enhancing admixtures for semi-dry concrete products.

DeCAL 9050 and DeCAL 9051 are screed additives, which combine next generation technology and give rapid drying times and high early strengths. Using a unique pumping aid, DeCAL 9050 allows pumping over long distances without change in workability and consistency. It also prevents separation in the pipes and is not affected by latent plasticisation, maintaining the desired screed consistency after pumping.

DeCAL 9051 has a comparable drying time to the market leading ‘fast drying’ screed additive, losing 70% moisture over a 3-day period.  DeCAL 9050 and DeCAL 9051 have been designed for use in a variety of screeds including underfloor heating, interior and exterior applications.

We developed DeCAL 9060 and DeCAL 9061, a water enhancer admixture for semi-dry precast concrete when we were approached by a major UK concrete brick manufacturer to formulate an all-inclusive concrete admixture. Generally, concrete manufacturers keep water levels low to increase strengths, however in semi-dry concrete the water demand is dictated by the workability required to cast the concrete and demould instantly. Research has proven that approximately 20-30% of cement remains un-hydrated in semi-dry concrete due to a lack of available free water. This means that cement filler is an expensive filler.

DeCAL 9060 and DeCAL 9061 have been specially designed to optimise water content in semi-dry cement-based applications such as bricks, blocks, tiles and pre-cast concretes. These products benefit the user by permitting manufacturers to run plants with a high-water content which reduces down time whilst retaining green strengths and 28-day strengths. DeCAL 9060 and DeCAL 9061 also contain a novel compaction aid which lubricates the mix, improving compaction and increasing densities, whilst increasing hydration by up to 25%.

Dan Devine, Commercial Director at Devine Chemicals, said: “I’m proud that we have continued to develop and enhance our product range throughout 2020.

“To manufacture these products will enable us to further strengthen our portfolio of products to the building and construction sectors.”

To find out more information about the new products in our DeCAL 9000 Series or to speak to one of our specialists contact us on 01207 580 101 or email hello@devinechemicals.co.uk

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