Devine Chemicals has always balanced a technical approach with a high degree of market and commercial awareness. The additive market is based on solving customers’ problems when they arise. At our core, we are dedicated to helping customers solve problems in a way which is both technical and commercially efficient.

By way of example, the European Commission has reclassified titanium dioxide as a category 2 suspected carcinogen by inhalation. This reclassification will apply from October 2021 and will have an impact on our customer working practices. At Devine Chemicals, we have utilised our wealth of experience and knowledge to develop DeSPERSE, a range of pigment dispersions, including TiO2, to give our customers the option of continuing using the pigment in a significantly less inhalable form.

As part of our pigment range, DeLOUR, the DeSPERSE series represents our most recent step forward in anticipating complications in the marketplace and offering our customers commercial solutions.

Our TiO2 range has been dispersed into different systems to suit all customer requirements, including:

  • Water-based Acrylic Dispersion
  • Water-based Surfactant (Resin Free) Dispersion
  • Low Concentration Water-based Dispersion for Tint Machines
  • Universal Solvent-based Dispersion
  • 100% UV Monomer Dispersion

For more information on our DeSPERSE series please contact our team here.

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