AptiCem Rapid – Portland cement accelerator for fast setting and high early strengths

AptiCem Rapid is a potent accelerator in applications where rapid times are required along with high early strength requirements. It is an off-white powder based on a novel, synergist blend of inorganic ultra-rapid set accelerators.


AptiCem Rapid can be used as a cost-effective alternative to calcium formate in tile adhesives and external renders where improvements in early age adhesion and strengths are required, especially at lower temperatures.  It offsets the effects of temperature by boosting the hydration process. AptiCem Rapid is also ideal for self-levelling floor screeds, concrete repair systems, grouts and mortar/concrete.


  • Rapid set times, from 5 minutes onwards at 20°C, depending on dosage rate
  • Very high early strengths
  • Low shrinkage
  • Ideal for cold weather concreting
  • Moisture tolerant


AptiCem Rapid is suitable for use in a wide range of cementitious applications where high level of product performance are required, enhancing properties of the cement to provide rapid set and high early strengths.