AptiLith Boost – a lithium carbonate free accelerator for rapid set cement systems

AptiLith Boost is a novel 100% active lithium carbonate free additive. When combined with lithium carbonate it speeds up the hydration process of cements providing fast set times and high early strengths in ternary binder systems based on Portland cement combined with either HAC or CSA cements.

The use of AptiLith Boost allows lithium carbonate levels to be significantly reduced in the formulation and offers a cost-effective solution to the increasing price levels of lithium salts. At higher dosage rates, AptiLith Boost can be used as a lithium free accelerator for ternary binder systems providing a modern alternative to the use of high alkali salts such as lithium in accelerating set times.


AptiLith Boost has been specifically developed for fast setting cementitious systems where rapid fixing and laying is essential:

  • Fast setting cementitious products
  • Tile adhesives and grouts
  • Self-levelling floor screeds
  • Concrete repair systems


  • Accelerates setting times and increases early strength through faster activation of the hydration process in Portland, HAC and CSA cement phases.
  • Has been designed as a multi-functional accelerator for ternary systems and is especially recommended for use in formulations where lower lithium carbonate levels can be used.
  • Offers a significant benefit over lithium accelerators as it reacts with Portland, HAC and CSA elements of cement mix.
  • Highly effective at a wide range of temperatures.