AptiScreed P – a powder screed additive for enhanced drying

AptiScreed P is a powder admixture formulated to provide rapid drying time and improved strengths when used in traditional sand/cement screeds.


AptiScreed P is designed for use in applications where the screed is bonded to the substrate, un-bonded or floating. The standard screed mix of cement and sand mixed in the ratio of 1:3-5 is used for creating a level layer to receive the installation of the final floor finish such as tiles, wood, linoleum, vinyl etc. Traditional screeds are generally suitable for use in hospitals, schools, retail, homes etc. AptiScreed P is ideal for use in screeds covering underfloor heating systems.


  • Rapid drying enabling earlier application of floor coverings.
  • Can be lightly trafficked after 24 hours.
  • Suitable for all normal screed applications including over underfloor heating.
  • Supplied in a water-soluble sachet. Easy addition on site with no measuring or mess.
  • Produces screeds which comply to ISCR Cat A or B depending on mix design.
  • Compressive strength: >25N/mm².