AptiScreed Plus – a highly efficient plasticiser and water reducer

AptiScreed Plus is a highly efficient plasticising and water reducing admixture for cementitious semi-dry screeds. It has been specifically developed to provide tough wearing screeds with a hard, durable surface finish. Improved strengths permit a minimum screed thickness of 35mm when laid onto insulation or polystyrene.


AptiScreed Plus is recommended for use in the production of heavy duty internal and external screeds with high mechanical performance. It is also suitable for underfloor heating, internal and external applications.


  • Production of heavy duty screeds with high compressive strengths.
  • Improved mixing and surface finish due to highly efficient plasticising action.
  • Potential to produce a CAT A, C40, F7 Screed using the correct mix design.
  • Reduced screed thickness to a minimum of 35mm on insulation or polythene sheet.