Novaspers BHE30

Basis Features
Montan wax emulsion (N) Offers repolish ability.

Novaspers CW40

Basis  Features
Carnauba (N) High hardness and suburb gloss.

Novaspers HD80

A non-ionic wax emulsion based on an extremely hard HDPE wax. Novaspers HD80 is for use in water-based coatings, polishes and ink formulations to provide scratch, block and scuff resistance. It can be used as a release agent for various applications.

Basic HDPE wax
Features Scratch, block and scuff resistance

Novaspers PP34

An emulsion based on a special maleic anhydride-grafted polypropylene wax emulsified with a non-ionic emulsifier system. Novaspers PP34 can be used in aqueous coatings, inks and lacquers to improve anti-blocking, gloss and rub resistance. It also offers excellent anti-slip properties for floor maintenance.

Basis Maleic anhydride
Features Gloss and rub-resistant

Novaspers VAS

A water-based polyethylene wax emulsion. Novaspers VAS is specially developed to give anti-slip properties to substrates.

Basis Polyethylene
Features Anti-slip