2000 Series - Defoamers

The Afcona 2000 Series is a range of silicone-based and non-silicone defoamers and deaerators.


Afcona 2018

Afcona 2018 is extremely suitable for clear and high-gloss coatings and solvent-based wood finishes.

Afcona 2020

A very strong defoamer, Afcona 2020 is widely used in NC and AC lacquer wood finishes especially applied by curtain coater. It is also suitable for cold cured epoxy as well as UPEs such as MSC, BMC and gel coats. Afcona 2020 may cause some haziness in clear systems.

Afcona 2021

Afcona 2021 has a good balance between defoaming and compatibility. It is mainly recommended for wood coatings and high polar systems. It is not suitable for acrylic based systems.

Afcona 2022

A very strong defoarmer and de-aerator, suitable for all solvent-based systems, especially PU and baking paints. Afcona 2022 is also suitable for curtain coating applications.

Afcona 2023

A moderate defoamer, well balanced between defoaming and compatability. It is suitable for use in PU systems, NC and AC wood coatings, and air-drying long oil and medium oil alkyds.

Afcona 2025

A moderate defoamer, well balanced between defoaming and compatability. It has a very wide application, from low to high polar systems. Its main use is in physical drying systems and air-drying alkyds.

Afcona 2027

Silicone-containing defoaming polymer with fluorocarbon specially created for printing ink applications. Afcona 2027 can be used in low polar to high polar systems and can be used in all printing ink systems, from offset and gravure to flexo and UV.

Afcona 2035

Afcona 2035 is a universal defoamer for all systems from low to high polar, especially air-drying alkyds, physical drying systems, wood coatings, auto refinishes and general industrial uses. It is a moderate defoamer, well balanced between defoaming and compatibility.

Afcona 2038

Afcona 2038 is the most compatible universal defoamer in the Afcona range. Its best performance is in PU, epoxy, UV and UPE systems.

It is recommended for clear coats and is widely used in top coats and wood coatings.

Afcona 2045

Afcona 2045 is a very compatible silicone-containing defoamer especially created as an updated and more price competitive alternative to earlier Afcona 2025, 2035 and 2040 grades.

Afcona 2045 is particularly suitable for high polar systems such as epoxies, TPA and UPE, and it has an outstanding performance in PU systems.

Afcona 2048

Afcona 2048 is especially suited for high gloss solvent-based finishes. It has good compatibility and will not give haze. It is extremely suitable for brush applications where the quick solvents evaporate and rapid defoaming is required.

Afcona 2050

A silicone-free polymer defoamer, Afcona 2050 has similar defoaming properties to the earlier Afcona 2020 grade, but with less influence on levelling and crater tendency.

Afcona 2270

Afcona 2270 is a defoaming polymer that is recommended for brush, conventional and airless spray applications. It is very suitable for pigmented and matted UV coatings, epoxies, polyurethanes and baking paints.

Afcona 2280

Organically modified polyalkyl polysiloxane, developed to produce rapid de-aeration for pigmented and matt finish wood coatings, based on NC, AC and PU. It is also suitable for PU and epoxy floorings. Afcona 2280 will also act as a very good levelling agent, giving a smooth surface to the coating.

Afcona 2290

Afcona 2290 is a non-siicone defoaming substance designed for solvent containing and solvent–free systems og epoxy, polyurethane, UPE and UV coating. It has very good performance in defoaming and good anti-foam properties.


AFCONA 2524 is an effective water-based defoamer for PU and Acrylic based emulsions. It is very easy to incorporate under low shear forces where it will not cause any craters and will not affect the levelling properties of the coating.

AFCONA 2524 offers the perfect balance between defoaming and levelling and will not affect the colour acceptance of the system.


AFCONA 2530 is an effective defoamer for water-based coating systems which optimises the balance between defoaming and system compatibility. It prevents the formation of foam and blisters during manufacturing and application.

AFCONA 2530 has very good compatibility and offers optimal defoaming and deaeration properties and is suitable for clear applications.

Afcona 2720

Mainly used in UPEs, epoxies, polyester baking systems and UV coatings. It is also suitable for coil and can coatings.

Afcona 2721

Afcona 2721 is a special defoamer, tailormade for UV coatings. The carrier used is an acrylate monomer which can take part in the cross-linking. In coatings applications it works in a comparable way to Afcona 2020.

Afcona 2721 has good compatibility and vies good de-aeration as well as good defoaming due to the combination of silicone and non-silicone polymers.

Afcona 2722

Afcona 2722 is a rapid anti-foam and de-aeration agent for solvent-free systems like epoxy and polyurethane floorings. It is also suitable for unsaturated polyesters.

Afcona 2725

Afcona 2725 is a very strong defoamer and de-aerator that is suitable for high solid and high viscosity systems such as UPE, UV, epoxy and PMMA flooring.

Afcona 2727

Afcona 2727 is an anti-foam and de-aeration agent for solvent-free systems like epoxy and polyurethane floorings. It also acts as a very good levelling agent, giving a smooth surface to the coating.

Afcona 2754

An anti-foam and de-aeration agent for solvent-containing and solvent-free systems like epoxy, polyurethane, coil coatings and wood coatings.

Afcona 2763

A very strong defoamer with reasonably good compatibility and clarity in high gloss UV systems, epoxies, polyurethanes, baking paints and other high viscosity systems.


AFCONA 2790 is a polysiloxane defoamer which is suitable for solvent-based silk printing ink systems such as epoxy, PU, UV curing and unsaturated polyester.

AFCONA 2790 can quickly remove the tiny bubbles in the systems, as well as quickly breaking the foams on the interface. It is suitable for high viscosity solvent-based and solvent-free coating and ink systems to anti-foam and remove air bubbles.