3000 Series - Slip and Levelling

The Afcona 3000 Series is a range of organically modified polysiloxane slip and levelling agents.


Afcona 3030

A universal slip and levelling agent for all solvent and water-based systems. Afcona 3030 is very effective against Benard Cells and has good anti-crater properties in PU.

Afcona 3031

Suitable for solvent-based coatings, Afcona 3031 has a high oily feeling slip performance. The oily effect enhances the build up appearance. It has low inner bubble sensitivity in PU coatings.

Afcona 3031 is suitable for use in metal coatings, refinish and baking paints.

Afcona 3033

Mainly recommended for wood coatings, plastic coatings and physical drying systems, Afcona 3033 is very suitable for clear coatings. It has high dry feeling slip performance and has very good compatibility in all solvent-based systems.

Afcona 3034

Fluorocarbon modified polysiloxane with strong surface tension reduction property, which gives an excellent anti-crater property, substrate wetting and improved vertical levelling.

Afcona 3035

Specially developed for UPE systems, Afcona 3035 improves levelling and promotes a smoother coating surface. It is suitable for solvent-based and water-based coatings.

Afcona 3085

A polysiloxane-based polymer with di-hydroxyl functional groups terminating at both ends, enabling it to be cross-linked in polyurethane systems as well as baking paints. Afcona 3085 has a high slip and levelling performance.

Afcona 3230

Silicone-based levelling agent giving extremely high slip performance.  Low foam stabilising effect, very good compatibility and no influence on in-can transparency. Suitable for all solvent-based systems where high slip is needed.

Afcona 3231

Supplied in 100% active ingredient, Afcona 3231 has a strong slip and wet feeling. Recommended for UV, metal coatings and baking paints, as well as refinish coatings since it enhances the build up performance.

Afcona 3233

Afcona 3233 is supplied in 100% active ingredient and acts as a universal slip and levelling agent for all solvent-based products. Its main properties are good anti-crater performance, slip performance and anti-Benard cells formation.

Afcona 3238

A polysiloxane modified with alkyl groups. It has excellent defoaming properties in medium to high polar systems. It gives moderate slip, levelling and serious in-can haziness. It is suitable for foam sensitive systems such as solventless PU and epoxy as well as wood coatings. Afcona 3238 helps in matted finishes with the orientation of the matting agent.


An organically modified polyalkyl polysiloxane, AFCONA 3239 has been designed as a slip and levelling agent with good defoaming effect. It is ideal in foam sensitive systems due to its non-foam stabilising properties. This includes solvent-less epoxies, high solvent or solvent-less polyurethane, paints applied by airless spray applications and UV curing systems.

Afcona 3250

Afcona 3250 is specially developed for applications where slip is the most important factor and foam stabilising effect is unwanted. It is effective in all solvent-based coatings such as NC, AC, PU and baking paints. It gives very good slip and good transparency.

Afcona 3251

Afcona 3251 is a special organically modified polysiloxane, designed to give the highest possible slip in all solvent-based coatings without stabilising foam.

It fulfils all the needs of paint formulators because it gives very good slip, no foam stabilising effect and good transparency. Afcona 3251 is particularly suitable for use in high gloss clear and well as in pigmented coating systems.

Afcona 3280

A special organically modified polysiloxane, designed to give slip, defoaming, and improve the surface characteristics without affecting the intercoat adhesion.

It gives better hot water resistance then other polyether modified polysiloxanes. It is recommended for baking paints based on alkyd-melamine, oil-free polyester and thermosetting acrylic.

Afcona 3700

Afcona 3700 is a high fluorocarbon content polyacrylic with very strong surface tension reduction, which makes it an excellent tool for anti-crater, substrate wetting and promotion of vertical flow.

It suitable for use in all solvent-based systems, particularly car refinish, plastic paint and industrial coating.

Afcona 3730

Afcona 3730 is a levelling agent based on high molecular weight polyester with very good levelling performance.

It has very good compatibility with all oil-free polyester resins and will not give haze, peel and other side effects. Suitable for can coatings, polyurethanes, epoxies, stoving enamels and alkyd-based systems.

Afcona 3755

A pure polyacrylic levelling agent designed for use with solvent-based coatings. It has very effective defoaming properties and is recommended for coil and can coatings, stoving enamels and matted top coats and primers.

Afcona 3775

A special acrylic polymer with very high defoaming properties, Afcona 3775 is suitable for use in solvent-based coatings, and is particularly recommended for paints that are applied by roller due to its good levelling performance.

Afcona 3779

A pure polyacrylic levelling agent which is very compatible with medium to high polar resins. Afcona 3779 gives very good levelling performance due to its high molecular weight polymer structure.

Afcona 3835

Afcona 3835 is an organically modified polyether reactive polysiloxane with methacrylate functional groups, which can cross-link in UV systems. It provides a permanent slip and gives a stronger anti-blocking and scratch-resistant performance.


A special organically modified Polysiloxane, AFCONA LE3270 has a very low surface tension and can substitute AFCONA 3700 as a PFAS-free alternative.

AFCONA LE3270 is an excellent anti-crater and substrate wetting agent and compatible with most solvent-based systems. With a minimal foam stabilising effect, it is widely used in refinish topcoats to prevent crater formation caused by different applications.

AFCONA LE3270 is suitable for:

  • Stoving enamels based on Alkyd, Acrylic and Polyester resins.
  • Polyurethane coatings.
  • Two-pack Epoxy compounds.
  • Air-drying Alkyd systems.
  • UV coatings.


AFCONA LE3776 is a silicone modified Polyacrylic which is recommended as a PFAS-free substrate wetting and levelling agent.

It is suitable for all solvent-based coatings especially for baking paints and Epoxy systems, where it acts as a levelling and anti-crater agent. In Polyurethane coatings, it works additionally as an anti-inner bubble agent.