DeCAL 1101 – Liquid synthetic thickener for water-borne systems

DeCAL 1011 is a synthetic alkali swellable, solvent free and liquid thickener for water-borne systems. It is highly effective to increase low shear viscosities as well as yield values.


DeCAL 1011 is recommended for use in flat paints, textured coatings, plasters and wood stains. It is also ideally suited for use in industrial, institutional and household sectors where its high thickening power, electrolyte tolerance, surfactant stability and water white clarity on neutralisation are beneficial.


  • Ideal rheological control additive for water-borne coatings.
  • Gives non stringy formulations which are easy to apply over a wide range of speeds and or processes.
  • Less susceptible to microbiological attacks than derivatives of cellulose.
  • Can be added as a post additive in liquid form.
  • Effective in the pH range optimally 7.5-10.5.