DeCAL 1107E – Associative Thickener and Rheological Control Agent

DeCAL 1107E is a high efficiency modified acrylic copolymer emulsion in water. This high molecular weight hydrophobic polymer provides a rheological control effect through extensive swelling and association in alkaline conditions.


DeCAL 1107E is suitable for a variety of applications including high PVC emulsion paints, acrylic sealants/fillers, low cost wood treatments and spray applied systems.


  • Low shear thickener
  • Improves sag resistance and anti-settling when used in paint formulations
  • Gives much less spattering in paints applied by roller
  • High low shear viscosity and high structure
  • Anti-settlement
  • Improves flow and levelling performance whilst retaining high thickening efficiency Easy handling and flexible addition
  • Colourant flocculation resistance
  • Microbiological attack resistance
  • Electrolyte tolerance