DeCAL 1803 – Cationic Acrylic Polymer

DeCAL 1803 is an emulsion polymer dispersion for application in rinse conditioners and acidic hard surface cleaners. It allows cold mixing in aqueous systems, thereby increasing process speed and efficiency, and reducing energy costs in manufacture.


DeCAL 1803 enhances performance whilst promoting excellent viscosity and flow control. It can also be added to formulations at any stage of manufacture.


  • Designed for use in the presence of cationic and non-ionic co-ingredients.
  • Aids suspension and stabilisation of other co-ingredients and its high thickening efficiency means that only low usage levels are required in many applications.
  • It doesn’t require neutralisation or the addition of sodium chloride to achieve viscosity build.
  • It can act as an effective opacifier.
  • Enables formulators to viscosify products over a wide pH range and in particular in the acidic region.