DeCAL 2079

DeCAL 2079 is a derivative of a family of highly effective, low viscosity dispersing agents for water borne coating systems. The product is especially suited for the dispersion of inorganic pigments.

DeCAL 2079 is a solution of an acrylic acid entirely Ammonia free.


DeCAL 2079 is an ideal dispersing agent for a wide range of water borne coatings.

DeCAL 2079 should be converted to an aqueous solution of a salt of the acrylic polymer for use.  The appropriate choice of the neutralising alkali allows the user to comply with specific environmental and legal requirements. DeCAL 2079 has the advantage that it is entirely ammonia free and therefore will not liberate ammonia on over neutralization.

Compared with inorganic dispersing agents e.g. polyphosphate products, the organic polymer based DeCAL 2079 provides improved storage stability of both the pigment dispersion and the formulated paint. There is little or no adverse reaction to high temperatures or pH changes.