DeCAL 2171

DeCAL 2171 is an aqueous/alcohol formulation containing the dioctyl sulfosuccinate sodium salt.


Typical uses of DeCAL 2171 include:

  • Pigment Dispersion
  • Water based coatings
  • Water based wax formulations (e.g. car polishes).

DeCAL 2171 may be post-added to a coating formulation to assist the wetting of substrates with low surface tension, e.g. plastics and metals.

The optimal concentration range for DeCAL 2171 in this application must be derived from a series of experiments in the actual formulation in order to achieve maximum wetting with low foaming.

Water based formulations can be stabilized against phase separation through the addition of DeCAL 2171.

Solubility of DeCAL 2171 in water based formulations depends on type of electrolyte and concentration, e.g. in the presence of 1% sodium chloride a turbid solution is formed.

The active substance of DeCAL 2171 is hydrolysed by acids and alkalis. The best working range of pH is between 6-9. The products of hydrolysis are water soluble.

Since any component present in a formulation can have significant impact on the overall latex properties, compatibility and dosage level should always be checked in the actual formulation.