DeCAL 4003

DeCAL 4002, 4003 and 4005 are versatile high performance anionic self crosslinking polymers for the production of high performance finishes across a variety of industries.

The chemical nature of these polymers means that high temperature curing is required to achieve the maximum performance benefits. Treated substrates should be cured at 150°C for up to two minutes. The use of an acid catalyst such as p-toluene sulphonic acid can be used with DeCAL 4003 and 4005 to reduce the curing temperature and accelerate the curing response.


These products can be used to produce highly resistant finishes on surfaces including wood, paper board and PVC, and in the textiles industries to impart finishes with properties ranging from slightly crisp to very stiff with minimal chalking effect.


  • Compatible with most anionic and non-ionic textile and coating auxiliaries including antifoams, wetting agents, coalescing solvents and thickeners.
  • In textiles, produces films with minimal effect on the colour of fabrics.
  • Very resistant to washing and dry cleaning, with minimal chalking effect.
  • Non-toxic.