DeCAL 5011 – Non Silicone Defoamer

DeCAL 5011 is a complex mixture of oils and low foam emulsifiers. It does not contain silicone oil or alkyl phenol ethoxylates.


DeCAL 5011 is a more effective version of DeCAL 5010 for use in demanding applications.


  • Excellent stability to both shear and temperature.
  • Emulsifies readily with water.
  • 100% active, does not contain water.
  • Salt stable (to 100g 1-1). Hydrogen peroxide / Caustic stable (add DeCAL 5011 first)
  • Shear stable therefore suitable for jets with high jet nozzle pressure.
  • High temperature stability (130C or above). Superb emulsion forming characteristics on contact with water. An instant white emulsion is formed on addition to water