DeCAL 9061 – a water enhancing admix for semi-dry concrete products which maximises green strengths whilst maintaining optimal plant output

DeCAL 9061 is specially designed to optimise water content in semi-dry cement-based applications such as bricks, blocks, tiles and pre-cast concretes.

DeCAL 9061 also benefits the user by permitting manufacturers to run plants with a high water content which reduces down time whilst retaining green strengths and 28 day strengths. DeCAL 9061 also achieves 28 Newtons after only 7 days.

Additionally DeCAL 9061 contains a reactive compound which gives the finished product a high level of water repellence.


  • Improved compaction and density
  • Allows addition of 25% more water
  • Significantly increases output capacity
  • Imparts a high level of water repellence

When added to semi-dry concrete, DeCAL 9061 allows additional water to be incorporated into the semi-dry concrete, without affecting workability, ensuring full hydration of the cement and increased strengths. Decal 9061 also contains a novel compaction aid which helps lubricate the mix, improving compaction and increasing densities. Using DeCAL 9061 can increase hydration by up to 25%. DeCAL 9061 benefits the user by allowing saturated sands and aggregates to be used. DeCAL 9061 also reduces permeability leading to drastically reduced efflorescence.