DeCAL 9811P – Soil Stabilising Polymer for Plant Cultivation

DeCAL 9811P is used as an anti-capping agent and for erosion control in surface irrigation systems. It also improves hydro-seeding and is used as an anti-drift agent in spray applications.

DeCAL 9811P has the ability to stabilise soil structure and help infiltration by crumb stabilisation and fines flocculation. This can address the problems of low yields, poor quality, water shortages or deficiencies in irrigation management.


  • Anti-erosion – Furrow irrigation washes valuable topsoil off the field. DeCAL 9811P reduces run-off fines losses by 80-99%.
  • Infiltration aids – DeCAL 9811P preserves the micro-structure of the soil and water infiltration is improved.
  • Hydro-seeding – DeCAL 9811P added to the hydro-seeding mixture lubricates the mulch during the application and improves plant emergence rate.
  • Anti-drift agents and adjuvants – DeCAL 9811P added to spray applications of agricultural formulation improves efficiency and decrease unwanted carry over to adjacent fields.